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Terms and Conditions


Group Lesson:

All our lessons will be recorded. We will send you the lesson video for catchup. Therefore, it is important to inform us if you are unable to show up.

1-to-1: Any lesson cancellation notification should be given at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. Please inform us by email. If notification is not given 24 hours in advance that class will still be charged against the balance, which means if you do not inform us 24- hours in advance, the lesson will be seen as a cancellation with no refund.

Teacher's Absence

If a Future teacher fails to give 48 hours lesson cancellation notice prior to the scheduled lesson time cancels or experiences a significant delay in any class, the teacher will make up for the lost hours. As Future Chinese’s commitment to professionalism, if a teacher does not show up for a lesson without giving prior notice, the teacher will reschedule that lesson and also schedule a free 1-hour session.

Lesson delivery method

The lessons will be delivered via Zoom. We recommend you always set up devices at least 2 mins before the lesson starts so that we can use our valuable lesson to its utmost.

Suspend lesson

If you would like to temporarily discontinue or suspend classes, they can do so for up to eight weeks without penalty. If after the eight weeks, the student must re-register and remit payment for new classes.

Changes of Class

Throughout the duration of any ongoing classes, should students need to make changes to their lessons or schedule affecting the payment, length of lessons, class size or the effectiveness progress, students must consult with their responsible Chinese teacher. Future Chinese reserves the right to consider suggested changes before giving their approval.

Payment time

Tuition for the entire term/month must be paid 3 days prior to the start of the first lesson. If the tuition is not paid by that time, the student will not be permitted to attend classes.

Refund Policy

70% of the payment can be refunded if you decided not to take the lesson 14 days before the course starting date.
80% of the payment can be refunded if you decided not to take the lesson 21 days before the course starting date.

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